What equipment/software do I need to get on the air?

Anything you like, so long as you can connect to the station! At the bare minimum, all you need is something to play or say! We have a Web DJ interface that allows you to cue up songs and even connect your mic.

However, it is preferrable that you use your own radio management or DJ software. Popular examples include SAM Broadcaster and Serato DJ. You can use whatever you're comfortable with. There is a program called Broadcast Using This Tool that allows you to use any software to connect to the station.

What should I play or say on the air? What kind of shows do you allow?

You can play just about anything you want within reason. Music is preferred, but if you're a Chatty Cathy, talk shows are allowed as well, so long as you have something interesting to say! :P That said, talk shows should be limited to 3 hours tops and consist of at least 25% music. There is no time limit for music shows.

Do I need to use a mic?

Mic usage every 2-4 songs is highly encouraged, but we get it. It's not for everyone. If you don't want to use a mic, you should find some way to let the listeners know that a real DJ is on the air. Playing a bumper every 15-30 minutes that says something like "This is DJ [your name], live on the air!" will suffice. Feel free to get creative.

Are there any genre restrictions?

You can play any tune from any genre, but do not play annoying or excessively explicit songs, and do not troll. You are encouraged to play a wide variety of music from any and every genre you enjoy listening to. We have a "we play everything" attitude here.

What about strong language? Can I say "shit", for example?

Profanity is okay, but don't swear just for the sake of swearing. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, genderism, hate speech, or any other sort of bigotry.

May I discuss politics?

Political discussion should be limited to just the facts, like when you're doing a news report, for example. Please don't insert your own opinion into your shows. Opinions are like assholes; everyone's got 'em. Does't mean that we want to smell yours, if you catch my drift.

Do I have to accept requests?

Taking requests is encouraged. Listeners want to hear their favorite tunes! That said, it's left to your discretion. Try not to get upset if people send you requests anyway; politely decline them and carry on, either by saying something on the mic, or playing a bumper stating that you don't accept them.

How many hours do I need to put in?

Slots are divided into one hour blocks. You can do multiple blocks in a row. We're all here to have fun, so currently there is no minimum amount of shows you need to do. As a general guideline, we encourage you to put in at least 4 hours a month (or 1 hour a week).